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We receive various categories of questions and ensure that we address all the queries raised.

The following are a section of the common questions we are asked and appropriate guidance provided;

  • What kind of training do your guards do?
    Security officers first attend a standard orientation and then proceed to site specific in-house training once deployed to respective stations. More about training….Read more Our Guard training areas: • Criminal prevention • Residential security • Terrorism and Criminology • Surveillance Detection • Static Guarding • Client & Public Relations • First Aid • Search procedures • Suicide Terrorism • Guard Administration • Observation Techniques • Fire fighting
  • How are you better than others?
    Our team has many years of experience in the security industry. Our security officers are carefully screened/vetted, trained to prepare them for the task of protecting our client’s property and safety. Comprehensive on-site post orders are prepared to assist security guards better understand their responsibilities and aid in decision making. A superior management system and proactive systems help us monitor and develop superior security officers.
  • Are your guards insured?
    Yes, we make matters insurance a priority. We understand that the nature of work involved in security comes along with levels of risk. It is for this reasons that we have taken appropriate insurance covers to mitigate against the risks our security guards endure.
  • How quickly can you start services?
    Commencement of security services is pegged on; A: site security survey to determine risks and recommend appropriate number of security guards capable of mitigating the risks, B: Approval from the client towards the security survey and recommendations therein. We also realize that our customers need immediate peace of mind. We will therefore help in any way possible so you can get back to your business as soon as possible.
  • Do your security guards wear uniforms?
    Wearing of uniforms is a standard requirement of RGL Security company. However, we also understand that certain client circumstances require that security guards camouflage their identity and/or identity. In such circumstances, we are willing to tailor such requirements to suit the client needs.
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