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Canine Security

Our Security dog handler and dog teams offer a high-profile deterrent where it may have been deemed unsafe for a normal security guard to secure a premise.

The primary role of a security dog team on site is to act as an overt presence to deter any potential unauthorized access, criminal damage or theft from accruing on the client’s property and to ensure the safety of the client’s staff, customers and visitors. 

Having a sufficiently trained dog team in place to carry out these duties is vital in order to ensure the above is carried out safely and efficiently


Our teams can integrate in to any environment and be utilized to offer our clients proactive or reactive services. They can be used as highly visual proactive deterrent or in a low-profile responsive role. Our handlers are fully licensed through the Security Industry Association, well versed in several key industry related areas of the law and fully vetted by our HR team. 

We ensure all our teams are: -

  • Trained in line with the Rwandan regulatory standard for operational dog handlers and the relevant industry qualifications

  • First Aid trained

  • Trained in the use of physical intervention tactics

All of our dog teams’ vehicles are fully equipped in order for all their duties to be carried out effectively and for the dog’s welfare needs.

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